Tapes & Protector

WeddingFlor’s Tapes and Protectors product

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Viva Print

VIVA. Printed flooring for the exhibition & events. We are able to customize your flooring in Singapore, which will bring lots of excitement and it will lock the value of the flooring space. Br...

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Arte Ramblas

Inspired by Mexican flowery and geometric shapes, Arte Ramblas woven rugs are manufactured with care in Europe. Arte Ramblas woven rugs can be used in any space, from residential to hotels, stores,...

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Wedding Collection carpets

Innovative and creative knitted textile flooring

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Synthetic grass is easy to maintain and is recommended for both indoors and outdoors. We have 5 different qualities for your selection. Special colours and qualities are also available upon request...

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Sisal is sustainably harvested, grows quickly and is, therefore, environmentally friendly.

Sisal is naturally resistant to fire and sparks, making it a good ...

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Glossy flooring is perfect for stage and screen usage. The shiny and the glossy surfaces increase the lighting effects, giving to your show an even more amazing atmosphere.

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Bring out a touch of glitz with our Glitter range of carpets.

Composed of high-grade material, our Glitter range of carpets is ideal for those who seek to create a glamourous impression on e...

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An economical range of Velours.
The surface is a smooth plush needle-felt construction and has a latex foam backing, providing value comfort. It has 20 great vibrant colours like orange and ...

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Basics or commonly known as needle-felt is the popular choice for the exhibition and event. They are the most cost effective carpet and will definitely meet your budget. We have 30 colours for your...

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